January 24, 2012

Dear All ..

Lihat ada sesuatu yang baru? Pasti lihat, kan? 

Are they georgeous? Pretty people in a pretty banner.
I love it so much, so I don't care if the blog description's position is a little bit weird compared to that pretty banner. 
But I love it!

Sore ini, di tengah kemacetan saya mendapat sebuah hadiah. From a Queen Bee, somewhere out there, who gave me a beautiful present  for my fangirling of someone I just knew.

Not in a million years, I expect a beautiful gift like that.
And not in a million years, I expect that I like Joo Won too. 
Yet true..

(And probably I will like Onew in another million years. Ehmm.. not! Don't worry, dear..)

Banner di atas, Tae Hee dan Ja Eun, Joo Won dan UEE, Tae Hee dan UEE, Joo Won dan Ja Eun, any pairing you like, dibuat oleh Elok Langita, dan akan selalu muncul di kutudrama.com for every post I made. Yippiee...!! 

Thank you so much Elok Langita. I think everyone here know you. But I don't think anyone knows that you have great talent in making banner. Cute banner, pretty banner :)

So, thank you so much, Elok. Big thanks. Muah..  

PS. If you want to talk to her, don't mention The Moon That Embraces The Sun to her, except you tell her that Wol/Yeon Woo will get a happy ending with Prince Yang Myung (Jung Il Woo). You will know the reason when you visit her blog. Her Prince Yang Myung must have a happy ending like Cha Chi Choo..! Bless you..

PPS. Sepertinya Elok akan mengulas Dream High 2, karena banyak postingan terakhirnya yang membicarakan Dream High 2. So, Elok. Dream High 2 : Go or no go?

PPPS. Sorry for this incoherent post. Saya akan mencoba memposting Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 49 malam ini, tapi jika belum, enjoy the above banner first, ya...


  1. hihi...elok bertalenta buat banner...bannernya emang cute dan blognya keren memang mbak dee...

    wah selamat ya mbak Dee ^^

  2. Thats Great Banner.. I also love them so much.. (Joo Won an Uee).. although I Love SHINee Mostly..,

  3. awww.. so sweet..
    It's an honor to make a banner header for you, sis =D
    Congratulation for being fangirling, mba dee...
    special second present : Joo Woon. The congratulation for being fangirling from me. welcome to fangirling world.. ke~ ke~ ke~


  4. @mba cha sya ^__^
    @Anonymous Oh hai there. Hug Anonymous who loves SHINee the most =D

  5. mbaaak dee sinopsis ojakgyonya ditunggu ya.. :D

  6. @chasya hehe.. bagus ya bannernya..
    @anonim : waah.. coba kalo uee, joo won dan shinee muncul di satu panggung dan nyanyi bareng..:)
    @elok : jawdropping, speechless. Keren bangettt!! I can see Tae Hee blushing now because I look at him adorably and he wonders how could he pop up to kutudrama banner? Ja Eun will be jealous right now. :)
    @anonim : iya...:)

  7. The next question is how to rotate header like everyone's blog who has more than one banner? *clueless gaptek girl here*

  8. pantesan bannernya keren gitu,Elok yg bkin ternyata,ga aneh soalnya banner2 Queen Bee juga keren2,congratulation mbak...jdi tmbh semngt berkunjung ksini..@_@

  9. Chukae mbak dee.... Kerenn \(",)/

    @Elok ajarin dong ^^

  10. Iyaa aku suka ngeliatnya,uee cantik joo won ganteng..
    Pengen deh mereka pacaran beneram

  11. kok CH nya gak booming ya ??
    :D salam kenal mbaaa atau siapa ya :) aku follow blognya looh biar cepet dapet sinopsis :D

  12. Moon joowon love bgtttt!♡♡♡♡♡♡