February 11, 2011

Fanfiction Comic : Where is My Kiss?

Once upon a time in a K-drama land,

"Oh, I can't believe this. They've deleted our kiss."
"Really? Well, at least I know that you've already kissed me 4 times."
"But they've only showed the audience twice. And one of them is only a peck."
"So where is the rest?"
"Well, you kissed me in front of the kids. Maybe that is the reason why they've censored it."
"But the kids were not there in our last."
"But Yoon Ju was."
 "So? She is not a kid. She can handle it."
"Are you kidding me? Look what she has done to us, just because she saw you hug me. She must avra kedavra us, if we found out kissing each other. We must thank to our PD-nim for deleting our kiss." 
"But we have seen the news before. And what did they call us? An 'almost kiss' couple?"
"My pride is so bruised right now."
"Hey.. don't be angry. Should I kiss you now to make it better?" 
"Mmhh.. if you want to.."

"Hey!You've almost kissed me too in our last fashion show. And you didn't even complain it. So why do you make a fuss right now?" 
".. shut up.."
 And they live happily ever after in their chamber of secret.

 The End

Ps. Don't take it too seriously. :) And sorry for any gramatical errors. Feel free to correct me. Thanks to mayssenger in ockoala for giving me the insipiration. You know which part of the inspiration is.. ;)

Credit : imbc, soompi, and fbmyprincess

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  1. Hehehe.. just an excuse to post all of HY kiss.. kekeke..

  2. imajinasi tiada batas, lintas benua lintas samudra, hehe ...

  3. lam kenal unnie dee...

    sangat2 suka dengan postingan my princess...
    wuahhh...berarti banyak adegan kissu ya unn...wkwkwkwk....patah hati....

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  5. wow really creative... I like it...

  6. mbak dee,,cuma 1 mau commentar...kok cuma sama leoo sol,sm mbak dee nya nggak ada wkwkwk..jiah..kabur :D

  7. @sya, itu pas gelap, yang lain gak tau kan pemerannya diganti pas itu. wkwkwkw.. nggak lah.. kalo Song Seung Hun, aku sukanya bukan kaya gitu. Tapi kalo Jang Dong Gun, nah.. itu baru my first and forever love. Walaupun dia udah married. Tapi forever deh..

  8. saya jg suka ama Jang Dong Gun...sjk All About Eve, mbak Dee

  9. For those who have no idea what fanfiction is or never heard the term finfic before - it's basically the creation of fictional content based on an already existing storyline